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Benefits of Massage
Therapy  & Treatments

Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy which can fix the physical problems,such as OffceSyndrome, Tennis Elbow, Migraine, Frozen Shoulder, lower back pain and etc..

Thai Traditional Massage is an ancient Thai Traditional massage from the original Thai massage school. This massage provides you a relaxation, stimulate your blood circulation,

boost lymphatic system, increase body flexible,

decrease muscle tension and relieve pain.

And Oil Massage & Aromatherapy which provides you a relaxation, reduce stress and emotional healing

and also stimulate your blood circulation.

Whether you are looking for a very deeply comfortable and relaxation treatment, or should you likely inform your physical problems, pains and tension to the therapist, you are definitely approaching the right place.

We commit to provide the ultimately best services to you.

Contact Us


232 Chorley old Road  Bolton..BL 13BW


075-97612263 - kimmy

Opening Hours

No walk-in customers
Strictly with appointment only

Monday - Sunday 10.00am-20.00pm

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